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 Welcome to Grenada! Otherwise known as the Spice Island for it's abundance of aromatic spices.  Some affectionately call it 'Greens' which you will clearly see why as you travel around this lush island.  Recently listed in the top 10 hot destinations for 2018 in a Wall Street Journal Travel, Grenada represents natural beauty, friendly folk and peaceful atmosphere.  It is the home of the 2012 Olympic gold winner Kirani James, Rivers Rum and Jab-Jab.  The magic of the Spice Isle starts to hypnotise you from the moment you exit the airport.  It builds momentum when you sip on that first cold Carib beer, rum punch or local fruit juice; when you witness the free spirit of the Grenadian people with their charming sing-song accent or even when you indulge in the local cuisine.  This tiny gem is just what it is, a gem.

Casa Calypso is centrally located in the town of Belmont, in the parish of Saint George. Whether you choose to walk, take public transport or hire a car, we are minutes away from restaurants, shopping and any of the nearby beaches including, of course, the world famous Grand Anse beach. 


There is a healthy mix of the local and cosmopolitan options available. Want a rum shop where you can get an ‘eights’? Want to savour the taste of a hearty oildown, Grenada’s national dish? Or do you prefer a pizza, some sushi and a glass of wine?  It's all around for you to enjoy.

Start your Grenada adventure with Casa Calypso!

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